Student Organization Accounts Services

This year, we will be reserving free Mason Hall rooms online. Please take a moment to read the rules, directions, and possible consequences of misuse below.


  • You must be an Authorized Signer to make a reservation.
  • You cannot reserve more than 5 rooms for an organization at one time (i.e.- you can reserve 5 rooms today, but have to wait until tomorrow to reserve any more).


  • You will need to enter your uniquename & be sure you are logged in to your Google Calendar after this page.
  • Using the calendar, navigate to the day you would like your room. Click directly on the day and date at the top of the calendar.

  • Select a 30 minute slot you would like to reserve.
    Google organizes the rooms randomly. You will have to look through the whole day to find the room(s) you would like. Example: You would like to reserve room 3330 MH for 2 hours. To book this, you will reserve the 4 outlined slots on the right.

  • Replace “ENTER YOUR PG HERE” with your group’s Project/Grant (PG) number, this number starts with either a “C” or “U.” You can find this number under the Accounts tab in the Finance portion of MaizePages. In the Description area is the keycode for your room and the capacity. Click save once you are done and you will receive an email confirmation, keep this for your records.

  • Reservations are made in 30 minute sections. For example, if you have a 2 hour meeting, you will need to complete the step above a total of 4 times (just make sure you are reserving the same room each time).
  • You may only make 5 reservations for an organization at one time. One “reservation” is defined as 1 room for any amount of time. You could reserve 5 rooms today, but will have to wait until tomorrow to reserve any more.
  • Cancelling your reservation(s): Go to your personal Google Calendar, select the reservation, and then click “Cancel Appointment.” This will remove it from your calendar and make it available for other groups to use. You do not need to notify us.
  • SOAS will be releasing free rooms on a monthly basis. Each month’s rooms will be released 7 days before the start of the 1st. Example: You may schedule February dates starting on January 25th.

Consequences of Misuse:

  • If the PG you enter is incorrect, we will automatically delete your reservation.
  • SOAS staff will also be using your uniquename to check if you are an Authorized Signer. If you make a reservation and are not an Authorized Signer, we will automatically delete your reservation.
  • If you make more than 5 reservations for an organization per day, we will automatically delete the farthest reservation(s).

Thoroughly read the message below before continuing:

By providing this information to the SOAS Staff, you understand that, in reserving this room, you and your organization take full responsibility for assuring that the room and equipment will be left in the same condition as it was found. If you find the room to be in poor condition when you arrive, you will report it to the scheduling desk immediately, or your organization will be responsible for the cleanup and repairs. If you approve of these terms, select “Yes, I agree to follow the terms” button below to begin reserving your rooms.

Yes, I agree to follow the terms