Student Organization Accounts Services

LSA Rooms

There are three options to book rooms through our office:

  1. Free classrooms in Mason Hall (starting September 6th)
  2. Billable LSA rooms (cost associated)
  3. Rooms in the Unions (Michigan Union, Michigan League, Palmer Commons, Pierpont)

Free LSA Room Reservations- Available Now!

  • 10 rooms are available for free in Mason Hall for organizations 
  • Rooms are available 30 days in advance
  • Rooms are given on a first come, first serve basis and must be reserved online by an Authorized Signer. SOAS cannot reserve rooms for you in person or over the phone. However, if you need help navigating the system, we would be happy to walk you through it.
  • A booking limit of up to five rooms a day is allowed.
  • Directions:
    • 1- Click on 2017 Free Room Calendar at the top of this page
      2- Click on the blue "Reserve a Room" button on the right-hand side
      3- Select the date you need (Free rooms start after September 4th)
      4- Room numbers and capacities are listed at the bottom. Find a room that fits your needs
      5- Click on a block of time that you want your reservation to start
      6- Select your end time and Project/Grant number
      7- Click Save
  • By reserving this room as an Authorized Signer, you understand that you and your organization take full responsibility for assuring that the room and equipment will be left in the same condition as it was found. If you find the room to be in poor condition when you arrive, you will report it to the scheduling desk immediately, or your organization will be responsible for the cleanup and any necessary repairs. 
  • Free rooms are unavailable over summer

Billable LSA Room Reservations

  • Fill out LSA Reservation Request form
  • LSA Instructional Services requests 2 weeks advanced notice
  • Price depends on size of the room
  • Group will be automatically billed at the end of the month

Rooms in the Union

There are rooms available in the different University Unions, but SOAS cannot reserve these rooms for you. Some do have fees associated with them, but some of the spaces are available to student organizations free of charge.To book these rooms, visit Room 1310 in the Michigan Union, or call 734-764-8837.


Other Rooms Around Campus

You can use this interactive map to see other possible rooms you may reserve all around campus.