Student Organization Accounts Services

Pre-Approval Required for all Purchases $10,000 and Over. The University has a certain set of procedures in place to properly handle and process payments that are over $10,000. This process typically includes bidding your desired service/good to area vendors in order to find the best price for your student organization. UM's Procurement department has this policy in place for three reasons:

  1. Protection- Procurement will sign contracts to protect you as an individual, your group, and the University of Michigan
  2. Stewardship- Students who hold positions within their organization at UM should be expected to know how to navigate policies when they graduate
  3. Education- As Authorized Signers, students should gain transferable skills on how to properly manage large payments

In the case that you are only able to receive a service/good from one specific company that no other business offers, a sole source form can be filled out and the bidding process will be excluded. The Procurement team will notify you if this is necessary during step 4 listed below.

How To: 

Before thinking about spending $10,000 and over you must follow these procedures.

  1. An Authorized Signer should fill out our PDF form with your desired purchase details (do not submit a Purchase Request)
  2. Email this form to with "Payment over $10K- Your Group Name" as the subject line. You will also need to attach an invoice to the email.
  3. SOAS staff will double check your Signer status and balance, place a hold on your account, then forward on to our Procurement Team
  4. The Procurement Team will send you a confirmation email, bid out your needed service/good, and provide you with a summary of your options a few business days later
    1. If a sole source form is needed, the team will direct you to fill this out
  5. Your group will communicate to our Procurement Team which vendor you would like to do business with
  6. The Procurement team will notify you when a PO has been created and SOAS will release the hold on your account
  7. The Procurement team will initiate payment with Accounts Payable and a check will be created in 3-5 business days, or based on the net terms of the invoice

SOAS Payments over $10,000 Form (pdf) (docx)

What You Can Expect:

  • The whole process will roughly take 3 weeks
  • You can direct questions to along with the name of your group and your Project/Grant number
  • The Procurement team will communicate with you to confirm your request has been received and when a PO has been created.
  • SOAS will place a hold on your account in the amount on your invoice