Student Organization Accounts Services

An Awards & Prizes payment is awarding money to an individual based on judging criteria. For example, your group holds an essay competition, and you want to award the top 3 finalists a cash prize. 
A Donation is giving money to an organization while not receiving any goods or services in return. For example, your organization donates money to a particular charity. 
A Reimbursement is a payment to an individual who fronted money for a service or good.
A Services Rendered payment is the payment to an individual for the services they provided. For example, your organization hires a DJ for a group function or a choreographer for a performance. SOAS will cut the individual a check directly.
You can use your Shortcode to make purchases at surrounding businesses. Popular businesses that student organizations use are FedEx, Pizza House, and Cottage Inn to name a few.
A Transfer is sending money from your SOAS account to another group or entity on campus. For example, your group partners with another organization for an event, so you need to give them $100 for supplies that were bought.   
A Vendor Payment is a payment to a company for a good/service where no individual has to front the money. For example, your organization is taking a trip and schedules a bus. SOAS will cut the bus company a check directly.