Student Organization Accounts Services

Acceptable receipts must be provided in order to receive a reimbursement. 

Acceptable Receipts

  • Show where goods were purchased from
  • Show what you bought (itemized receipt if it is a place that sells alcohol)
  • Show how you paid for the goods

Unacceptable Receipts

  • Do not have store/company name
  • Not itemized
  • No payment method listed
  • Prohibited items were purchased. The full list of prohibited items can be found on the SOAS Policies and Practices page.
  • Venmo receipt
  • Bank statements by themselves


What if I lost the receipts?

Option 1: Preferred Method

  • Go back to the business and ask for a re-print

Option 2: Memo (allowed only 1-2 times/year)

  • Write memo explaining where the good was purchased, what good was purchased, and how you paid for the good, as well as why the receipts are misplaced.
  • Signed with 2 Authorized Signer signatures
  • Must be accompanied by a bank statement showing the transaction.