Student Reading a Book

The Student Organization Guidebook contains general information about the following topics:

  • Definitions: SSO, VSO
  • Join or Create
  • Recognition Process
  • Steps for Registration
  • Constitution and Bylaws
  • University Sponsorship
  • University Benefits Grid

The following pages of the guidebook relate specifically to SOAS: 

  • Student Organization Accounts Service (SOAS) Information
  • General Account Information
  • Designated Funds (DF) Account
  • How to Get an SOAS Account
  • Commercial Bank Accounts
  • Closing an SOAS Account
  • Adding and Deleting Signers
  • Depositing Funds
  • Maintaining Balances in Accounts
  • Using Funds in Your Account
  • Stop Payment & Reissue Checks
  • Tax Information
  • Other SOAS Services