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Student Organization Funding Committee

Central Student Government’s Student Organization Funding Committee (SOFC) serves as the primary funding body for student organizations at the University of Michigan. SOFC awards over $500,000 to more than 300 student organizations every academic year, and it has over $200,000 in funds available during the Fall 2018 semester to support organizations across campus.


New Event Funding Assistance Program

University Unions is offering a Student Organization Event Funding Assistance Program to help offset expenses associated with hosting events at venues other than the Michigan Union. All registered student organizations in good standing are welcome to apply provided the requested event is similar to one they would have hosted at the Michigan Union.

Michigan Union

Sending a Wire Transfer

How to Send a Wire Transfer to an Outside Entity

As a student organization, you may send wire transfers to an outside entity. If you are trying to send funds to an University entity, please follow our Transfer Purchase Request process; do not follow these instructions. There is a $15 charge to student organizations who wish to send payment via a wire transfer.


Step 1: Decide what type of Purchase Request you'll need

Payments $10,000 and Over

Pre-Approval Required for all Purchases $10,000 and Over. The University has a certain set of procedures in place to properly handle and process payments that are over $10,000. This process typically includes bidding your desired service/good to area vendors in order to find the best price for your student organization. UM's Procurement department has this policy in place for three reasons:

Receiving a Wire Transfer

How to Receive a Wire Transfer from an Outside Entity

As a student organization, you may receive a wire transfer from an outside entity. If you are trying to receive funds from a University entity, that department will transfer the funds via their own processes; do not follow these instructions.

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Transition Your Authorized Signers

How To Make New Leadship Authorized Signers


Whether it’s graduation, study abroad, or new member recruitment, there are plenty of reasons why a group’s Authorized Signers may need to change going into a new semester. The process can get a bit complicated, so please refer to the following steps below:

Student Organization Registration Process

Sometimes registering your organization and requesting Authorized Signers can be confusing, use this graphic to help navigate this process.

Each academic year, your organization will need to register with CCI and SOAS.