Student Organization Registration Process

Student Organization Registration Process

Sometimes registering your organization and requesting Authorized Signers can be confusing, use this graphic to help navigate this process.

Each academic year, your organization will need to register with CCI and SOAS.


  • February 14th: Last day to obtain 22-23 Authorized Signers
  • February 14th - 28th: SOAS & CCI freeze all registration and Authorized Signer activity in order to prepare for the new academic registration period (you will still have access to your account)
  • March 1st: Registration for 2023-2024 starts!
  • September 30: Deadline for registration for 2023-2024; your group will be frozen if you do not complete the process by this date

To find out if you've registered, head to your group's MaizePages. If you haven't registered, there will be a blue banner across the top with a "Register" button. If you don't see the blue banner, then you've registered already. Whoever registers your group will be the new Primary Contact. It is best if someone from your organization who will be there for the year registers your group.


The Registration Process:

  1. Register your group on MaizePages. CCI will send you an email confirmation about 5-10 business days later:
  2. Use the one-time use link in the email from CCI to nominate at least 3 Authorized Signers. If you nominate less, you will be stuck in the system and SOAS will need to manually reset your group. Signers from the previous year will not automatically be moved over to the current year.
  3. All 3 of your nominees must complete the OrgEssentials online training. Click on "join" in the upper right-hand side, and be sure to take both the pre and post test to receive credit. You must receive at least a 70%.
  4. All 3 of your nominees then accept the nomination, and your group will move into our SOAS queue.
  5. SOAS Representatives will confirm the nominations and move over everyone in MaizePages, we will also remove old Authorized Signers. Note that this part is a manual process. 
  6. Once you see your Authorized Signers on MaizePages, your registration is complete!


*Please note that once everyone completes OrgEssentials and accepts their nomination, you will not automatically be Signers. SOAS staff must manually confirm your Signers during business hours. The entire registration process could take up to 2 weeks.