Student Organization Accounts Services

Starting August 15th, 2016 SOAS will be transitioning from the Finance tab on MaizePages to a new financial system called the SOAS Finance Dashboard. The Dashboard will be located on our website,, within the yellow topics bar. The only activity that will be shifting from MaizePages is the transactional portion of the site. Similar to the Finance tab on MaizePages currently, only Authorized Signers will be allowed to view the Dashboard.

Due to the limitations of MaizePages, we firmly believe this new system will relieve many pain points student organizations were experiencing. We expect this shift to have numerous benefits for student organizations, such as:

  • Faster processing times
  • Improved account accuracy (no more shadow system)
  • Accessible editing on the Purchase Request
  • Purchase Request tracking
  • Efficient system for placing and releasing holds for departments like Transportation, or the Unions.
  • Direct online communication from staff who are working on your Request


What you’ll be able to do on the Dashboard:

  • Submit Purchase Requests

  • Edit & track pending Purchase Requests
  • View account balances, PGs, and Shortcodes
  • Communicate online with staff who are processing your payment
  • View your account activity
  • View holds on your account
  • Manage Authorized Signers
  • Find links to the Substitute W9 & Alien Certificate
  • Submit our new online Bank Request form


What you'll still do on MaizePages:

  • Register your group for 2016-2017

  • View your roster

  • Fill out forms for Festifall, Escapade, Northfest, Winterfest, etc.

  • See announcements from the Center for Campus Involvement (CCI)

  • Submit MaizePages help tickets



Q: How can I see my pending Purchase Requests?

A: Our new Purchase Request will be an eForm through a program called CaseConnect; you’ll be able to find the link for the site right on your Dashboard. Login with your UM uniquename and password, and you’ll be able to see all of your pending Purchase Requests. Five days after it’s been processed, it will be removed.  After that, you can find it on your account activity report.


Q: Will SOAS still require the extra forms needed for Services Rendered, Donations, Awards, etc.?

A: Nope! We’ve incorporated all of that information into the Purchase Request. So when you select the type of payment you need, the form will adapt and prompt you for certain information. The only items you’ll be attaching are receipts, invoices, and Substitute W9s as needed.


Q: How fast will payments be processed?

A: We are hoping all payments will be processed 1-2 business days faster. Of course, since this a brand new system, we will be working out any kinks for the first few months. You can definitely expect to see faster, more accurate results though.


Q: Will we get notified when our Purchase Request is complete?

A: Definitely! Once staff has fully processed your request, you will receive an email notifying you that your account will reflect this payment the next day.


Q: Where can I see all of the transactions on my account?

A: After logging into the Dashboard on our website, you will see a link for “View Account Activity.” Your transaction report will open in a new tab. All of this information is being pulled from the University’s financial system, so it will be more accurate and up to date than on MaizePages.


Q: If I have questions about a payment, who should I contact?

A: Give SOAS a call! We will be able to look into your payment and answer any questions you may have. Feel free to also email us at or visit us in the Michigan Union, Rm 2400 (2nd Mezzanine).


Q: Will departments still put holds on our account?

A: Yes, when booking with departments like the Unions or Transportation, they request to put a hold on your account. Once they bill, the hold will now automatically be removed from your account. This will significantly decrease the amount of duplicate charges on your account!


Q: Will there be training available for the Dashboard?

A: You bet. We’ll be partnering with CCI’s OrgEssentials training so you won’t have to make time for two separate trainings. However, if you have immediate questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us – we’ll be happy to help!


Q: Does SOAS provide any one-on-one training for student organizations like a personal walk-through?

A: We sure do, just email Bailey at and she would love to set up a time to discuss the questions and needs of your student organization.