Vendor Payment

Vendor Payment Requirements

A Vendor Payment is a payment to a company for a good/service where no individual has to front the money. A check will be created by the University using your SOAS funds and sent directly to the vendor.

Check with your vendor to ensure they are registered with the IRS as a company. If they are not registered with the IRS as a company, please use our Services Rendered payment process. 

If the vendor is a University Supplier, the ticket request will be canceled and you’ll be directed to use the Shortcode Process. To find a full list of Univeristy Suppliers, you can visit Procurement's website.

Vendor Payment Process

NOTE: Only Authorized Signers can create purchase requests.

  1. Log in to your Dashboard.
  2. Click on "Purchase Request" link
  3. Select "Vendor Payment" for the type of Purchase Request.
  4. Fill out the necessary information
  5. Attach invoice from Vendor.

Payment Timeline

  • If the company is a vendor registered with UM, a check will be ready in 7 business days
  • If the company is not a vendor registered with UM, a check will be ready in 10 business days

Not uploading the appropriate documentation can lengthen the average processing time. For more information or help regarding the Vendor Payment process, please refer to the online guidebook for SOAS.

Need to wire money instead of a physical check? Use our Sending a Wire Transfer instructions.